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CO2 Capture and more

Welcome to CATO Engineering.

CATO Engineering provides installations to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from horticultural processes such as greenhouses. This allows growers to produce their own CO2 in a cheaper and more reliable way than the current industry standards. The installation operating at Vink Sion (Press release, dutch) is a good example of this principle. Read more about CO2 capture here.

We also supply installations for removing contaminants and impurities from biogas. Major impurities which can be removed are carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), odour components and siloxanes. Read more about biogas here.

We can also support industrial partners to realize other difficult technical projects. Our expertise is to convert your technical issues into successful projects that take into account the wishes of all stakeholders. Our professional style permeates every aspect of each project, from the first introduction to the finished solution. Read more about projects here.

The ultimate goal and purpose of CATO Engineering is to help companies reduce costs, improve product quality and increase production capacity. Read more about services here..